adj. & n.
1 of territory (territorial possessions).
2 limited to a district (the right was strictly territorial).
3 (of a person or animal etc.) tending to defend an area of territory.
4 (usu. Territorial) of any of the Territories of the US or Canada.
—n. (Territorial) (in the UK) a member of the Territorial Army.
Phrases and idioms:
Territorial Army (in the UK) a volunteer force locally organized to provide a reserve of trained and disciplined manpower for use in an emergency (known as Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve 1967-79). territorial waters the waters under the jurisdiction of a State, esp. the part of the sea within a stated distance of the shore (traditionally three miles from low-water mark).
territoriality n. territorialize v.tr. (also -ise). territorialization n. territorially adv.
Etymology: LL territorialis (as TERRITORY)

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